The Tool Room

At RMP we know that our Customers invest a lot of money in tooling and we are here to make sure that they are Well Maintained.
We have a In-House Tool Room to make sure their Investments are well taken care of. We inspect each tool as needed. If we see problem areas we can address them right away and solve any issues before parts go out to our Customers. This insures 100% good parts go out our doors.
Our tool makers have 30+ years Experience in mold building and repair. We also can make Custom Fixtures, Polish, Aluminum Tooling, Rapid Prototyping, EDM work, Machining, etc.
RMP is, to our knowledge, the only injection molder in North Central Illinois offering the advantages of an on-site tool room. Eliminating the need for outsourcing allows us to provide a seamless transition between processes, reduced time to delivery, and bottom-line cost savings that we gladly pass along to you. Plus, in-house means in control – our own tools, our own staff, our reputation for quality from start to finish.