Product Assembly

Providing Cost-Saving Solutions
If you’re looking to expand your production volume without the costly requirement of adding employees or equipment, Rockford Molded offers all our customers full assembly of all parts by request. Bottom Line: We work with you to develop total manufacturing solutions as you need them, with no concern over your own internal capabilities.
About Our Assembly Process
We do most of our assembly work in-house, but we also outsource some of these processes to make sure our customers can take advantage of all of what Rockford Molded has to offer.
Customers do not have to worry about purchasing hardware. Here at RMP, we have many suppliers from which we acquire very low-cost hardware. This reduces your costs to produce products significantly.
Let Us Take A Look
So if you have a product that needs assembly, let us take a look at it. Then you’ll see just how competitive our prices are and how much money you can save.